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Materials created to last a

product's intended use time

The use of virgin plastic and other harmful materials contributes to the adverse effect on nature. With developments in material science, there is now a possibility to replace these harmful virgin materials with bio based alternatives. LIFE-SPAN produces materials which reverse the notion of long lasting use. Instead, materials are created with the prospect of biodegrading once a product’s intended use period is over. For example, a toothbrush takes an estimated 10,000 years to degrade. LIFE-SPAN’s mouthcleaner however, is made from coconut derivatives with properties of hard plastic. This material biodegrades after three months of use, which is the recommended maximum use of time for a toothbrush before it cultures harmful bacteria. Coconut is an excellent alternative for a tooth cleaning device as it is particularly effective at killing oral bacteria. The material itself is extremely hard and durable. The process of making involves creating a viscous solution which is poured into a shaped mould or made into a sheet and cut before solidifying. The solution air dries quickly, but takes a number of days to fully harden. When exposed to water its 3 month life-span begins.

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