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Raising Awareness of Bee Decline

I created my own brief for this project which required me to create an item of furniture which helped raise awareness of a current environmental issue. I chose to focus on the decline of bees as I felt that there was not enough awareness about this pressing issue. I decided to base my research on looking at fossils and the fossilisation process as I wanted this to be an inspiration for creating my own material linked to the issues looked at. The idea was to create my own contemporary fossils as the material could not be around in years to come if the issue isn't solved. The coffee table is based on bee population percentage as it is made from 100 hexagons. People purchase the table with the current percentage (30%) they are then able to make their table more beautiful by purchasing more of the honeycomb in resin hexagons, of which a percentage goes to charIty to help bees.

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