The brief for this project was to develop a companies brand through means of new products to appeal to a new market or expand on the current one. I decided to focus on Massey Ferguson as a brand as their ethos is honest and relateable. True to their vision of creating exuipment for farmers I decided to take the brand in a new direction towards fashion. It is extremely important for young people to be interested in farming as it is not a profession that can afford to die. Therefore I wanted to create products that appeal to the younger market to create interest and make farming fashionable. After speaking to young farmers I learnt about their average day and they told me it is extremely hard to organise thier days. My final design is a fashionable watch that allows them to plan their work load by sending notifications to the phone which show up on the face. The face itself is a moon which darkens and lightens depending on the sunrise and sunset. Other features include chance of precipitation and sunrise/sunset. The watch strap is based on the tyre tread of each tractor, this helps keep to the companies roots and makes it recogniseable as the brands own.

© 2019 Jessica Gregory