The My vision of a future scenario is one where we are technologically advanced but with a dystopian aspect. Due to climate change and the extensive use of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide is vast within the atmosphere which becomes not only dangerous for the planet but for us humans too. Within this scenario there will also be a big problem with overpopulation. I wanted to create a system which can be found within most homes to help with peoples well being as well as a way of creating natural products so that this healthy aspect of life is not lost. My final design is a aquaponic system which helps with peoples respiratory as it illuminates carbon dioxide from peoples homes. The system allows people living in a flat or a city environment to grow their own plants. The product would be within the home to also improve peoples health as carbon dioxide is eliminated from the air and oxygen is created. The photosynthesis from this product will allow people to breathe purer air within their homes. Within the system fish are kept in tanks, and the plants are grown hydroponically (without soil).

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